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Creator Martin Baynton talks about the WotWots

Wot Wots creator Martin Baynton shares the secrets to his successful international career as a writer and illustrator as he talks about the WotWots live on the Good Morning show in New Zealand.

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SpottyWot and DottyWot say ‘Have your B4 School Check!’

Pukeko Pictures and the WotWots are working with the Ministry of Health to encourage families to take their four years olds for their B4 School Check.Elijah-FINAL

We want every child in New Zealand to be healthy and enjoy learning – just like SpottyWot and DottyWot. The free B4 School Check helps make sure your four year old is healthy and can start school all ready to keep learning!

Every child who has their B4 School Check will receive a special WotWots activity, colouring or board book and WotWots sticker – just for going for the check!

The B4 School Check includes a check of your child’s:

  • hearing
  • eyesight
  • teeth and gums
  • height
  • weight
  • behaviour
  • development.

You can talk to a trained nurse about your child’s wellbeing and development and raise any concerns you might have.

The check usually takes around 45 minutes.  Your local B4 School Check Coordinator will invite your child to come for a check about the time of their fourth birthday or you can contact them yourself to arrange it [link to].

The B4 School Check is the eighth and final Well Child check. It is not designed to pick up every health problem your child might have, so if you have any concerns about your child at any time, talk to your family doctor or call the 24 hour health advice service PlunketLine on 0800 933 922.

For more information on the B4 School Check, click on this link:

Or read the information booklet online:

Download the WotWots theme tune ringtone here.

Amazing talk by UK educationalist

Leading UK educationalist Sir Ken Robinson has some very interesting things to say about schools & creativity.


the WotWots Takes Home TV Award from Parents’ Choice

the WotWots has yet again been recognised by the Parents’ Choice Awards, this time being acknowledged in the Spring 2011 Television category.

PC Seal - Thumbnail - Fun StuffCurrently in production of its second series and with a broadcast deal already signed with US Broadcaster The Hub for the next 26 x 11 show, the internationally successful brand was awarded the merit based on:
“This import from New Zealand is reminiscent of Teletubbie-like innocence and simplicity without the surreal, spoof-worthy concepts…. The integration of computer animation and live action is extremely well done by the same team that did “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. The show, which features very simple themes like “Slurpy Lurpy Lips,” and “Lumpy Bumbies” makes for a nice introduction to this type of media-it’s short, it’s sweet and uncomplicated…”.

“We are honoured to have the quality of our TV programme recognised by Parents’ Choice Awards – earlier this year the foundation awarded us a seal of approval for our first free e-book, ‘Lanky Landing Legs’ available at iTunes stores globally. The Parents’ Choice Awards website is a go to tool for parents in search of quality unbiased entertainment options for their children so to see the WotWots featured in two categories is a massive brand achievement”, said Co-Founder of Weta Workshop, Sir Richard Taylor.

Parents' Choice Award

Lanky Landing Legs

Spring 2011 Mobile Apps

Ages: 2 – 4 yrs.
Developer: Kiwa Media
Producer: Pukeko Pictures
Platform: iPad


This story app for iPad is based on an episode of the popular New Zealand children’s television, The WotWot’s. The primary characters, brother and sister team DottyWot and SpottyWot, are fuzzy little aliens who have landed their spaceship in a zoo. The title is a reference to the spaceship’s landing legs, as well as those of the flamingo DottyWot spots through their periscope as they explore.

It’s a simple but charming story, and like other episodes in the television series, is themed around a specific animal in the zoo. The language is colorful. The alliteration throughout the story makes it fun to read aloud and there’s New Zealand flair in playful words like “wonky” and “creak and a clunk”.

You can record your own voice to play with the story, or use the one that’s built-in, and pages can be turned to black and white for users to color.

The characters are adorable and you can follow them on Facebook as well as play games and do other activities on their website. The app offers plenty of entertainment presented with an engaging hook, great pictures, plus a fun story for young readers.

Teresa DiFalco   ©2011 Parents’ Choice

Educational Overview: Mix and Make

The WotWots imagine what they will look like when they grow up. Perhaps they will grow paws, or tails or noses like other animals here on Earth? They are not concerned about it, like all children they are just wired to be very curious.

The WotWots don’t know what they will grow up to be so there is no correct answer to this question. And it doesn’t matter, for there is just the fun of exploring it. They do this through  observation, abstract association, and leaps of imagination, but always in ways where the logic is child centred.
As a result our characters stumble onto knowledge as a by-product of their questing; it is not thrust upon them and it is not the goal of each adventure.
So this is the underlying theme throughout, it’s a celebration of the joy of enquiry, of the pleasures of setting out every day on small voyages of discovery. This central narrative element provides one of the key ingredients of the show, it almost defines the series and can best be summed up as ‘mix and make’. In their imaginations the Wotwots borrow and shuffle animal features to create new and original creatures. The Wotwots watch, copy, imagine and then create. And they do this by drawing – they mix and make.

The creative team behind the WotWots

Richard Taylor
Five time Oscar and four time BAFTA winner, Richard Taylor is
intimately involved in all Pukeko projects from concept through to
delivery. A Founding partner of Weta Workshop, with over twenty
years experience in the film industry, Richard has created a facility
that operates at the cutting edge of the film and television industry.
Martin Baynton
Martin has an international reputation as a writer and illustrator of
over 30 children’s books including the Jane and the Dragon series.
Martin created the WotWots with Richard Taylor and is the show’s
series editor and an Executive Producer. Martin is also the voice of
SpottyWot and the show’s narrator.
Theo Baynton
Theo Baynton is the Director of the WotWots and oversees the show
from initial script, through storyboard and animation to final mix.
On the award winning show, Jane and the Dragon, he was the Art
Director and Design Supervisor

WotWots creator Martin Baynton talks about the characters in the show

“The WotWots are inquisitive, energetic and embrace their adventures with gusto and enthusiasm. They have big hearts, take great care of each other and are not afraid to show the enormous affection they have as brother and sister. Their actions are always generous, positive and well intentioned and they are never motivated by greed, fear, selfishness or anger. DottyWot is the more patient of the two and she is the ship’s pilot. She is supportive of everything her brother does, though he does test her patience at times. She loves to learn and tries hard to pronounce the names of all the creatures they discover. She plays music on her keyboard and reads all the books in her spaceship library.

WotWots Stingy Thingy screenshot
SpottyWot is more impulsive. He will leap first and think second and has a full-throttle enthusiasm for everything. But he will listen to his sister’s words of wisdom and is always considerate towards her if he stops to think about it. SpottyWot is also a very inventive artist who loves to express his ideas by drawing imaginative and creative pictures on his drawing board.”

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